Ukrainian producer and supplier of corn grits, corn flour and feed bran of the highest quality
Processing of corn using degermination technology. Obtaining grits of different fractions without germ with subsequent production of flour of different grinding, feed bran, starch-containing reagent, etc.
Our Products
Widely used in cooking as a main ingredient for baking bread, cakes, pastries, cooking cereals, and as an additional ingredient ...
Used in the production of flakes, corn sticks. On the basis of these groats make porridges, soups, independent dishes ...
A real source of vitamins and minerals. They consist of cereals, flour and germs, which contain all these nutrients.
Packaged products under Buyer’s Private Label.
About the company

MealWorld LLC processes corn using degermination technology (separation of max yield of endosperm grits  from germ and husk on the first stage) included sieving, separating particles by shape and density.

At the second technological stage, we obtain grits of different fractions, produce flour of different grinding and receive feed bran, drilling reagent, etc.

All our products are manufactured in accordance with current norms and standards and meet the highest quality requirements.

Packing and sale
The best logistics

Our company is located in the very center of Ukraine,
in Cherkasy. Cherkasy region, an agrarian region with quite attractive yields of corn crops.

Our company also has an office and representative office in Kharkiv, which allows us to cooperate with the eastern part of Ukraine in a high-quality and timely manner, where the food industry is developing very, very rapidly.

The relatively uniform distance of our plant from the agricultural enterprises of the adjacent districts of Cherkasy region allows us to receive corn grains for processing in time and in optimal condition. In turn, the location of the plant in the center of Ukraine allows our partners to receive finished products with minimal transport costs and in optimal time.